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Release date: 2017


Thor: Ragnarok




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The MARVEL bandwagon successfully rolls on with the newly released Thor Ragnarok. It goes without saying that there is no shortage of entertainment and some exceptional visuals in this film. This film is the pinnacle of the MARVEL movie (r)evolution. This is a clear representation of what works in the Superhero movies these days.
Thor: Ragnarok answers questions that were left unanswered after the previous movie Thor: The Dark World. Thor and Loki still having trust issues have to face their sister Hela, the first born to prevent ‘Ragnarok’ which is the destruction of Asgard. Hela claims her right to the throne as firstborn and seeks revenge against her father Odin by taking over Asgard and destroying Thor’s hammer. Thor and Loki get stranded on the planet Sakaar in the process. After which the movie is about how Thor makes some old and new friends to fight and protect the people of his homeland.
A very little of Earth is involved this time around. Most parts of the movie happens in Asgard and Sakaar. It is arguably the most funniest MARVEL movie till date. Although there is not much wit and sarcasm like the previous MARVEL movies, the comic timing in the movie is just about perfect. Beautiful, is the word that I would like to use to describe the action sequences as they seem like a work of art. Special mention to the costume design, hair and makeup department in the movie as they have come with some very innovative styles.
This movie has an elaborate cast and the best part is that it makes sure it uses all of them to their potential. Chris Hemsworth has massively improved as an actor and I think the evolution of the Thor character from a straight faced god to a mischievous one has a lot to do with it. Cate Blanchett looks menacing as Hela and she does very well in this not so subtle negative role (which she is generally not used to. Mark Ruffalo is funny as both The Hulk and Dr Bruce Banner. The role of Valkyrie is surely going to give Tessa Thompson a good career boost. Karl Urban and Idris Elba justify their supporting roles. Oh and he director Taika Watiti’s role as Korg is really worth a mention. Also, watch out for a special cameo by… a top actor whose name I am not going to reveal. br>
Thor Ragnarok may not be MARVEL’s best movie till date, but it surely is a very fun ride.


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